Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tumultuous Week at the Museum

The Zymoglyphic Museum's news desk is a sluggish thing, and is only just now getting around to reporting the events of the week beginning May 8th. The week opened with a very successful Open Day on that Saturday. Visitors converged from far and wide, including a pair who bicycled down from San Francisco, and others who came from Alameda, Berkeley, Mount Madonna, and possibly even further. Sunday morning came down with unseasonable rain coupled with a burst pipe in the exhibit preparation area, but the rest of the day went well, and included an impromptu Mother's Day tea in the museum's forecourt. One visitor sported a fine octopus tattoo based on an Ernst Haeckel design. Haeckel was an artist/scientist whose work features prominently in the Views of the Zymoglyphic Region.

During all this commotion, an uncommonly bold Bewick's wren was constructing a nest in the base of Scholar Monk's tree in the museum forecourt. He (the male builds the nest, subject to approval by the female) busily gathered sticks many times his own size, bits of moss, wool (provided by museum staff), and dry leaves, and assembled his homestead. Our stealthy museum photographic staff captured some of the activity.

Finally, late the next Friday night, while we dozed unawares, an alleged miscreant was apparently trapped by police in the cul-de-sac and an ensuing fracas toppled much of the museum's forecourt, leaving splotches of blood on the driveway among the deconstructed art. Authorities have been tight-lipped about what actually transpired, and the structures are now mostly resurrected. The pot that contained the wren's nest was crushed, but fortunately it was unoccupied. Presumably the female wren had vetoed the location some days before and is now chirping the wren equivalent of "See? I TOLD you!!". We hope they are happily ensconced in a less chaotic location.