Sunday, April 08, 2012

Museum open first 3 weekends in May!

The Zymoglyphic Museum will be open an unprecedented three weekends this year! 

Open hours will be 11 AM to 5 PM the following days:

May 5th and 6th - Come early if you wish to avoid the crowds
May 12th and 13th - A trip to the museum will make an excellent Mother's Day outing!
May 19th and 20th - This is the weekend that other studios in San Mateo will be open.

Showing at the same location will be the marvelous metal work, artist's books, and pinhole photography (including home-engineered pinhole cameras) of Judith Hoffman.  There will be daily demonstrations as well!

Carpooling is encouraged.  Those lacking access to internal combustion are advised that the museum is but a short walk from the Hillsdale train station.  Old-school persons, self-styled luddites, and the GPS-challenged will find useful retro-style directions to the museum here and an electronic map at the official Open Studios web site.

Besides tours of the museum itself, there will be a full range of publications from the Zymoglyphic Museum Press available for purchase.  New this year is The Tale of the Wandering Monk, a photo essay documenting the adventures of a diminutive traveler. Selected prints from the Views series will also be available.  You may contact the museum in advance to ensure that a specific view is available as a print.

Photography, sketching, and video are encouraged!  Efforts of previous visitors may be seen here

Facebook members may wish to let their friends know their intentions by registering on the museum's Facebook event page.

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